Great Pines

A small village in the middle of a vast forest that shares the same name.

The Village has been around since the year 1442. It was founded by a traveling human merchant Varic Grey.

The town is know for its beautiful cuts of great pine, a wood from the biggest trees in Ravenhilt. Lumber and silver are the main exports, although it does have a small fishing market that does quite well.

1 The Grey Manor

2 Church of Lathander

3 Scarlet Cask Inn

4 Silver Forge Goods

5 Henrey's Farm

6 Beagne's House

7 Wyne and Piersym's House

8 Thilda's House

9 Elarl's House

10 Walom's House

11 Marge's House

12 Mery's House

13 Empty Home

14 Turi's House

15 Lumber Mill/ Dock Warehouse

16 Druid Camp

Great Pines

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